07 - Occupational engagement for an Optimised Lifestyle

Explore the occupations you engage in to create a more fulfilled life for yourself and improve your quality of life.

Many people consider the word occupation to be their paid job or an income producing activity, however, occupation is really any activity that we engage in throughout our day.

For example, meditating and being with oneself to connect inwards is a type of occupation. As is toileting or scuba-diving. It’s important to start becoming more aware of the occupations that we engage in so that we can start to see our own patterns. We can become more reflective of the ones that are supportive and the ones that might feel good in the moment but actually hinder us in the long run.

When we look at our lives, breaking down the occupations into 5 categories can enhance the fulfilment we have in our lives. These 5categories are:

- fitness





When we become of the energies we spend, we can attempt to be more moderate and consistent so that we can engage in an optimised lifestyle.

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