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By accessing this site, you are indicating your acknowledgment andacceptance of these terms of use. These terms of use are subject tochange by our company at any time in its discretion. Your use of thissite after such changes are implemented constitutes youracknowledgment and acceptance of the changes. Please consult theseterms of use regularly.Before interacting with our Services, please read our Privacy Policy andthese Terms of Use which sets out what information we collect fromyou and how we use it. The Website 1. The contents of Lifabiity website (“the Site”), including text, graphics,images, video, information obtained and other material (“the Content”)are for information purposes only. Lifability (“the Company”) andShradha make no representations or warranties about the accuracy orsuitability of the Content or links provided on the Site. Withoutlimitation this extends to any market research or material contained onthe Site. 2. Lifability does not recommend or endorse any specific tests, healthcare practitioners, products, procedures, opinions, or other informationthat may be mentioned on the Site. Reliance on any material or otherinformation provided by Lifability and Shradha or other contributors,guest speakers, instructors appearing on the Site is solely at the user’sown risk. Any person accessing the Site should exercise their own care,skill and diligence with respect to the use of the Content on the Site. 3. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professionalmedical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek medical advice forany questions regarding a medical condition. If you think you may havea medical emergency, call your doctor or emergency servicesimmediately. 4. Lifability and Shradha is not responsible for the condition or contentof any third party websites that have links on the Site. Links to thirdparty sites are provided for convenience only and do not imply anyendorsement of those sites or products or services provided at thosesites.  Product Delivery Upon purchase of a pre-recorded program, you will receive an emailwith a link to a direct download for your product or access to theprogram.You acknowledge that there is a minimum number of participants thatmust join a live program in order for it to run. If the minimum numberof participants is not reached or if unforeseen circumstances arisepreventing the delivery of the program, a full refund will be made.  Downloading Materials You understand that Lifability cannot and does not guarantee orwarrant that files available for downloading from the Internet will befree of viruses or other code that may contain contaminating ordestructive properties. Lifability does not assume any responsibility orrisk for your use of the Internet.  Product Purchases Charges from this site will appear as Lifability on your credit cardstatement.  Credit Card Security All transactions are processed via PayPal or direct bank transfer. Refunds Digital products are not eligible for refunds after they have beenpurchased.  Copyrights All content displayed on the website is the property of Lifability, orwhere applicable, the property of parties who we are affiliated with. Allintellectual property rights in the website are reserved accordingly.  Intellectual Property All materials accessed on this site remains the ownership of Lifability.Paid material may be accessed for your personal use only. If additionalpersons wish to access paid offers, they must purchase additionalofferings. That is, one item per person. You may not distribute, share,re-sell, re-print, re-produce or re-publish any purchased material in anyway.  Affiliates Partners As an Affiliate Partner, you agree to conduct yourself with integrity,which means you follow general business ethics and you don’t spam.The use of any of our material should be based on your own duediligence and you agree that the Lifability is not liable for any success orfailure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to thepurchase and use of our material.  The text/audio/images/videos (the content)1.Lifability, Shradha and other contributors, guest speakers, instructorsand other persons involved in the making and distribution of theContent do not warrant or endorse the information and do not assumeor accept any liability for the accuracy, quality, suitability, and currencyof the information. 2. The views and statements expressed in the content do notnecessarily reflect the views of Lifability. Shradha and othercontributors, guest speakers, instructors and other persons involved inthe making and distribution of the Content do not warrant theaccuracy, reliability, currency or completeness of those views orstatements and do not accept any legal liability whatsoever arising fromany reliance on the views, statements and subject matter of thecontent. 3. The content, views and statements expressed in the Content are notsubstitutes for independent professional advice. Viewers shouldexercise their own care, skill and diligence with respect to the relianceand use of any information contained in the content. Viewers shouldnot act or refrain from acting on the basis of the views and statementsexpressed in the content without first taking appropriate professionaladvice in respect of their own particular circumstances. 4. The material, content, views and statements expressed in theContent are not intended to be a substitute for professional medicaladvice. You should always seek your own professional medical advicefor any medical condition or if you think they may have a medicalemergency. 5. I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I havenow or hereafter against Lifability, Shradha or any other contributors,instructors and guest speakers or other persons involved in the makingand distribution of the content. 6. Shradha does not deliver therapy or work in the capacity of anOccupational Therapist. Content and information shared in any formatis for educational purposes only. Financial ObligationYou understand that you are responsible for the completion of allpayment plans associated with products purchased. We reserve theright to seek recovery of any monies remaining unpaid.  Client ResponsibilityYou hereby warrant that you are over eighteen years of age. Products developed by the Lifability and Shradha are for strictlyeducational purposes ONLY. You accept and agree that you are 100%responsible for your progress and results from products developedby the Lifability and Shradha. You understand that there is noguarantee that you will reach your goals as a result of participation inproducts or services developed by Lifability and Shradha. Lifability andShradha assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions that mayappear in any program materials.  Authorisation and ReleaseYou understand that your participation in the Program (the“Participation”) may be recorded in audio, video, still image or otherform, and you hereby grant to Shradha and Lifability and any person,corporation, or entity acting under their permission or authority or forwhom they might be acting, including anyone distributing ordisseminating advertising for the products and/or services of Lifabilityor Shradha the right and permission to publish, reproduce, distribute,broadcast and/or otherwise use the Participation in such manner, inany medium now known or later developed, worldwide in perpetuity,for such purposes, in whole or in part, without  compensation orconsideration to you and without further authorisation by you withoutany restriction as to changes or alterations. You acknowledge thatthe recorded audio, video still images or other form shall constitute thesole property of the Lifability and Shradha.You hereby waive all rights of ownership, inspection, or approval withregard to any recording, taping, broadcast, reproduction, blurring,distortion, alteration, optical illusion, proposed printed, audio or videopublication and/or other use of your name, whether in an intermediaryversion(s) or finished version(s). You also hereby release, discharge andagree to hold harmless Lifability and Shradha from and against any andall liability, including, without limitation, claims for invasion of privacy orpublicity, defamation or copyright infringement, resulting from theiruse of personal information, and Participation. You agree that your useof the Service is voluntary, and you assume complete responsibility foryour actions in connection therewith. You irrevocably release Lifability and Shradha from any and all claimsfor invasion of privacy, violation of any publicity rights, defamation(including libel or slander), breach of moral rights or similar rights andin respect of any other personal or property rights and that you will notnow or in the future assert or maintain any such claim against Lifabilityor Shradha.  

The material on this website is not intended to replace medical advice,therapy or consultation. The material on this website is strictly for educational purposes only.