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The goal at Lifability is simple. We want to help you make changes to your lifestyle to create profound impact on your life, and ultimately help you lead a life of fulfilment and soul purpose. Through this work we help make the our communities and the World a better place - one person at a time.

Nothing Works Unless You Do.
- Maya Angelou


Discover how to improve your mood and lower stress through our occupational therapy program. Attune to your senses and learn self-regulation strategies for optimal self-healing. Start with self-awareness, an overview of the bodily senses, and gain practical skills for long-term success.

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Unlock the power of your body and mind with holistic coaching. Our non-invasive approach assesses and treats the root cause of physical and mental ailments, uncovering imbalances causing stress in the body. Draw on Traditional Chinese Medicine principles to understand the emotional significance of physical symptoms and reveal key health patterns. This is a program to achieve lasting wellness.

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A unique occupational therapy framework that promotes awareness of the relationship between everyday activities, energy, health, and quality of life. With personalized 1:1 guidance, you'll explore your belief systems and identify the driving forces behind your current patterns. We'll develop strategies for activity modification, environmental changes, and leveraging your personal strengths and routines to create a more fulfilling lifestyle.

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This program provides effective fatigue management strategies tailored to your individual needs. Through personalized 1:1 coaching, we'll explore principles of prioritization, planning, activity modification, and pacing to help you meet the demands of daily life. Finally learn to manage fatigue and feel revitalized.

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